Ready to kickstart, with a breath & transform your life?

I’m not in the business of selling hours.

I’m all about inviting you to heartfelt, authentic & soultastic experiences.

For you and your business.

Daring greatly & healthy.


Help you shift in energy, sharpen clarity, peak-perform and get laser-focused.

Discover all that and more  in our supportive mentoring ecosystem.

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Get a free 5-min 9D Breathwork

Grab your headphones, find your own space & enjoy.

Connect with yourself. Take a micro-break.

Breathe away some stress.


9D Breathwork

A Breath that matters

9D Breathworks

Discover an ancient practice uniquely reimagined for the modern era.

9D Transformational Breathwork offers a direct route to calming the mind, restoring balance, and unlocking profound relaxation and clarity.

Unlike conventional stress relief techniques, 9D Breathwork delivers powerful and immediate transformation, creating a tangible oasis of peace amidst the chaos of daily life.


Hi, I´m Gabriella…

From Corporate Life

to Holistic Business Alchemy

Gabriella is awarded and renowned for her unique ability to deliver holistic and heartfelt guidance to high-performers, leaders, and everyday individuals alike. By implementing carefully selected tools and strategies tailored to each person’s unique wellness journey, she helps them achieve unparalleled success.

Gabriella´s path from corporate life to a holistic business mentor was paved with grit and resilience. Surviving a SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection), she reinvented herself as a digital entrepreneur.

Now, she empowers startups, leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs to thrive with holistic know-how for successful business brilliance.

Her mission is to provide a heartfelt kickstart with 9D Breathwork, empowering people to ignite their dreams & businesses, unleash their potential, and fulfill their purpose.

Join Gabriella on a transformative journey towards a more empowered and purposeful life.

Heart to heart. Breath by Breath. Step by step.

Learn how to Soar beyond limitations

Three steps – from Zero to Soultastic

Breathe & Anchor Dreams

Step into the visionary landscape of your dreams where innovation knows no limits and creativity takes flight. In the business brilliance that unfolds, we navigate the landscape step by step, turning your dream into the foundation for the next phase of groundbreaking success, breath by breath.

Nurture & Build Pillars

Picture yourself constructing and nurture the pillars of success, one strategic step at a time. From crafting your vision to laying the groundwork, we guide you through each stage, ensuring your business brilliance thrives and is a testament to your dreams being realized.

Peak & Soar Beyond

Now, the time has come to spread your wings and ascend. This is where your business brilliance takes flight. Together, we’ll elevate, peak, and refine your vision and soulful actions to new heights and soar beyond the ordinary. Ready to embrace the skies of success in a healthy way?


❤ Wall of hearts ❤ 

Learn & grow in a supportive community of likeminded

The memberships


The Holistic Lounge


launch 2024

Welcome to the Holistic Lounge, a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who all are passionate about Holistic Health. Together, we can connect, discover opportunities, gain knowledge, and find endless inspiration.

Embrace the spirit of holistic health and our shared positive energy will help us all soar to new heights.

Join us and unleash your health and soulpreneur potential—never alone!


Solopreneur Growth Hub

launch 2024

The Holistic Growth Hub


Welcome to the Holistic Growth Hub, your gateway to ignite your entrepreneurial journey and elevate your first steps.

Follow a curated path of heart & health-conscious steps, seasoned mentorship, and a nurturing community to launch and grow your business from dream to expansion, step by step.

Join us and unleash your health- and soulpreneur potential – never alone!


Breathwork Accelerator Hub


Breathwork Accelerator Hub


Welcome to Breathwork Accelerator Hub, a session-based membership where breath mastery propels your entrepreneurial journey.

With unique 9D Breathwork sessions, you’ll cultivate clarity, intentionality, and peak performance. Rejuvenate, alleviate stress, align your energies, and enhance your abilities to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Join us and breathe yourself to new heights of brilliance and epic health!

WAITLIST ONLY, next start in Autumn 2024

From Zero to Soultastic Health

Discover my premium program focused on transforming your entrepreneurial health from the inside out.

Over six weeks, we will kickstart and rewire your mind. Unlock epic health and transformation through selected weekly 9D Breathworks – without the usual struggles.

This profound journey helps you move from head to heart, silencing self-doubt and clarifying your goals. Step by step, you’ll learn to quiet the inner critic and embrace your mission and vision.

With the unique 9Dbreathwork, you’ll enhance your focus, triple your brilliance, and achieve your goals in a Soultastic Way.

A great kickstart to revitalize you, your dreams, your health or your business!

Step up your insights with our

Growth-Boosting Products

Solopreneur planner

Soloprenur planner


Your Ultimate Dream Catalyst. Crafted to empower your vision, define your mission, and map out your path to success.

More than just a planner, it’s your Go-To Guide for organised entrepreneurship your first six weeks. Get ready to elevate your dreams into tangible realities.

Start your journey with the Soulprenur Planner today.

Side Gig Mastery

Side Gig Mastery


Embarking on a new Side Hustle journey? Curious about planning your path forward? Dive into our powerful Side Gig Planner—a blend of beauty and insight designed to help you sort your plans.

Join our inspiring masterclass for expert guidance on choosing the best course of action. Plus, enjoy exclusive bonuses to kickstart your mastery journey.

Get ready to turn your Side Hustle dreams into reality!

Breathwork bliss

Breathwork Bliss


Unlock the transformative power of your breath with “Breathwork Bliss” – a dynamic minicourse designed to kickstart your health. Discover the secrets of breathing techniques that boost your personal development and melt away stress.

Whether you seek clarity, peace, or enhanced well-being, this online course offers the necessary tools: planners, breathworks, and ebooks. 

Join us today and breathe your way to a better you!

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Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to my purchase?

You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase. Make sure you´ll get it and please have a look in your junkmail, sometimes you need to upgrade your settings to allow mails from me. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Is this for me? Newbie or Experienced?

Yes, this success club will provide you with experiences, healthtips, breathworks, resources, planners, templates, a community, support, networking, accountability, leader- & mentorship, and partnership opportunities that will help you to grow your health, balance and business brilliance to the next level. 

One thrive and drive factor is mentorship where we respectfully help and inspire each other on our growth journeys. We´ve all been rookies and mentorship is the next superpower.

I am a Digi-Dinosaur, how about tech?

Relax, take a breathe and allow yourself to expand your comfort zone. We´re here to help you evolve from Digi-Dinosaur to Digi-Smart. This is very beginner and budget-friendly and you don’t need to be good with tech or buy any software as a start up. There are always many roads to success.

All are worthy a simple, affordable kickstart.

Is Breathwork safe for me?

Breathwork is generally considered a safe modality.

However, if you feel uncertain or have a history of any condition, please consult your medical healthcare provider before beginning intense breathwork. Relaxing and downregulation breathwork is generally considered safe. 

Refund policy

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee for our memberships and membership programs:

We stand behind the value of our memberships. If you find it doesn’t meet your expectations within the first 7 days of your membership, we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee. Simply contact our support team, and we’ll promptly process your refund. Your satisfaction is our priority. Thank you for being part of our community.

Refund Policy for Digital Products:

Kindly note that we maintain a strict no-refund policy for digital products. This policy is in place to ensure fairness and consistency in our transactions. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to reach out to our support team for any assistance you may require with your digital product. Thank you for choosing our services.

Refund Policy for our Premium Coaching Programs:

We adhere to a no-refund policy as a testament to our appreciation for individuals who wholeheartedly engage in our offerings. This commitment is integral to our ethos. Once you’ve chosen to participate, we expect a full commitment. Thank you for being so understanding.

Money Back Guarantee*

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee for the memberships?

A: Absolutely! We believe in our training so much that we offer a super-friendly 7-day money-back guarantee for our memberships. No questions asked!

*Full refund policy see FAQ.