Hi, I´m Gabriella

I’m a multipassionate changemaker, quick-footed with boundless energy as a Holistic and Social Butterfly.

I thrive on Quantum Jumps and the endless exploration of new paths in life.

Passionate about holistic health, horses, dogs, and cinnamon buns, and secretly dreaming of the tranquility of Seychelles.


All changes starts with one bold breath,

one heartfelt conversation,

and one step at a time….

Welcome ❤

Hi, I’m Gabriella

Business Mentor
Authority on Holistic Health & Business Brilliance

Gabriella is an businessmentor, coach, and expert in holistic health and business strategy. With a rich background as an Corporate Executive Leader, Equine Professional, Osteopath and ICF coach she blends deep self-healing knowledge with practical business strategies to inspire and empower leaders and entrepreneurs.

Originally from Sweden, Gabriella’s journey is marked by grit and daring greatly, overcoming personal and professional challenges to build a thriving online business. She has served over 10,000 individuals with her holistic health expertise and mentored hundreds of equine professionals, startups, executives, and board members. Her clinical work has been awarded and she´s been featured in different magazines. 

Currently building her flagship program, Gabriella aims to support startups and entrepreneurs in achieving Business Brilliance with epic self-care, fostering joy and healthy boundaries in their professional lives. Her unique approach begins with rewiring through breathwork as a bold first step to unlock potential, helping clients tap into their innate superpowers and achieve their dreams.

Join Gabriella and discover how to unlock your superpowers, find a mentorwise network, build a successful business, and create a legacy that matters—Heartfelt & Soultastic.

gabriella bragee

This is my story…

After years as an executive leader in the corporate world, pushing against the glass ceiling, I discovered my passion for helping others achieve their dreams. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to work with executives, equestrian professionals, healthpreneurs, and startups, empowering them with the tools and confidence they need to succeed.

Overcoming personal and professional challenges, including surviving a SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) and running a clinic during the pandemic, I transformed adversity into strength. Evolving from a Digi-Dinosaur, I embraced the digital age. I built an online business dedicated to holistic health and epic self-care, serving people globally and mentoring entrepreneurs and leaders.

I aim to blend deep self-healing knowledge with practical business strategies, creating unforgettable lightbulb moments and actionable plans. Find grit, flow, and Peak Performance.

I am here to help you build a successful, joyful business with healthy boundaries.

Join me, and let’s create a legacy that matters—Heartfelt & Soultastic.

Bring Me to You…

If you’re seeking in-house training, a Breathwork Event, Processleader or a dynamic speaker for your conference, explore my private services.

Whether you’re a business owner, expert, or speaker, I’m here to help you harness your passion, create inspiration and build a thriving business without burning out.

Please contact me for a discussion. 

Awards & Recognitions

Wall of hearts

Talking with Gabriella was easy and effortless. I felt empowered after our coaching session, it made me discover and tap into the my superpower that I am taking with me to become my brave confident self.


Thank you for such an amazing session yesterday, I gained so much clarity and I have completely niched down now – I have slightly changed the name of my business & feel more aligned with what I am doing moving forward with more confidence. Thank you for creating a safe space for me to express myself and reflect on my journey. For the first time in a very long time I don’t feel so overwhelmed. You definitely helped reignite the spark in me!


This was the game-changer for me. I was like a fish out of water when I started my side hustle. It was very difficult and inefficient to try and reinvent the wheel all by myself. Looking back, I realize I took huge steps forward working with Gabriella. I´m forever grateful.


My educational background

Equestrian Studies, Swedish Agricultural University

Leadership and Organization, Linnea University

Diploma in Osteopathic Medicine (BSc), Dresden International University

Advanced SportsMedicine (MSc), Umea University

Started Ph.D. studies in Medicine, but not finalized due to ended funding

Employments that gave me experience

Executive Leader and Saleswomen, International & Swedish Agricultural Company

Executive Leader, Swedish National Sports Association

Global Business Product Manager, Chemical, Feed & Food Industry

Business Developer Manager, National Retail chain

Commercial Marketing Manager, National Retail Chain

Different Heartfelt Trusts

Board Member, Different National Equestrian & Sports Associations/Organizations

Chairman, Different Sport & Equestrian Associations

Advisor Young Entrepreneurs

Trustee, Foundation



Osteopath (DO) with expertise in Sports (MSc)- & Functional Medicine (IFM)

ICF-accredited LifeCoach Certification

Mindvalley certified LifeCoach

ICF-accredited NLP Master Certification

Paul McKenna, Certified Hypnotherapist

Dare to Lead Trained (Brene Brown)

9D Breathwork Facilitator

Mindvalley Certified Six-Phase Meditation Trainer

Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner

Various Leadership & Board Certifications

Various CPD Medical Science/Osteopathic Medicine

AWARDS & Recognitions

The best Holistic Clinic in Sweden, 2023

Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2023 – Global Health & Pharma Magazine