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I’m not in the business of selling hours.

I’m all about inviting you to heartfelt, soultastic experiences.

For you and your business.

Daring greatly & healthy.

Help you shift in energy, sharpen clarity, and get laser-focused.

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Welcome to the place where success is bubbling with heartfelt, transformative, and soultastic vibes. 🌟

Are you eager for a whirlwind tour through transformation? Brace yourself; it’s going to be one wild ride. 🎢

I’m the mastermind behind your inspiration and business mojo, serving a unique blend of coaching, breathwork, holistic health, and business magic.

With a generous sprinkle of passion and a great dash of dedication, I’m here to stir up some extraordinary changes.

Your time to sparkle is here; let’s unlock that hidden potential together. 💫

I’m Gabriella

My expertise lies in elevating you to stand out, unleashing your inner power, embracing your magic with courage, and turbocharging either you or your business.

I guide you through this journey without a hint of doubt in yourself or your body, ensuring you don’t feel compromised or lost in uncertainty. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by internal or external struggles.

Every day, I’m all in and loving what I do. I love watching you on your arena, lighting your own path like a superstar! 🌟

I am a certified groundbreaker, Lifecoach, Breathworker, Osteopath, Mentor, and Business Consultant.  

Beyond my professional identity, I am a grateful survivor of SCAD, finding joy and connection through my deep love for horses and dogs.


Success Stories

“Gabriella is professional and empathetic, with a trustful and warm personality. I feel light and energetic in my body after my breathwork 🙏😊”


“Talking with Gabriella was easy and effortless. I felt empowered after our coaching session, it made me discover and tap into the my superpower that I am taking with me to become my brave confident self.”


" Thank you for such an amazing session yesterday, I gained so much clarity and I have completely niched down now - I have slightly changed the name of my business & feel more aligned with what I am doing moving forward with more confidence. Thank you for creating a safe space for me to express myself and reflect on my journey. For the first time in a very long time I don’t feel so overwhelmed. You definitely helped reignite the spark in me!"


"A very educational session for both body and soul, absolutely worth investing that time in yourself doing some breathwork with Gabriella"


"This was my first Soul Realignment reading and it was an amazing experience! Gabriella focused on various aspects regarding my soul (gift, family, specialisation, etc.) and also clarified which blocks have been cleared and what had happened at the time to create them. the information was very clear and Gabriella created a completely safe space for me to elaborate it. At the end of the session, I told her it was like my soul felt seen and hugged for the whole time, what a wonderful feeling! ❤️"


"- Mom, I think we have met God in human form, said my (non-religious) daughter devoutly when we came out of Gabriella's clinic. She was so relieved and grateful to meet someone who not only recognized her problem but also had an explanation and suggested a solution. Although we are not at the finish line yet, it was so important and welcome that she got the hope of recovery back."

A parent to a client in clinic

"Great breathwork session. Loved Gabriellas tone of voice and the choice of music which supported me, highly recommed her!"


I am so grateful that you gave me this gift; what a job you did! A lot has fallen into place, and I can understand why I felt/acted in a certain way; a bit like getting an answer to something I've known and wondered about for a long time. I have tried many spiritual methods, but this was something completely new. It was awesome that you could capture stories and events I know you don't know but have contributed to the energies/blockages we discussed. I feel more at ease with new insights. You have given me a new journey forward. I highly recommend a soul reading - it has meant a lot to me! I will return. ❤️


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